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Polyurethane Insulation Pipe Technology
With the continuous progress of the requirements of the whole ecological environment, the country's requirements for environmental protection of the whole society are getting higher and higher, and the environmental protection requirements of the industrial category represented by iron and steel are even higher.
The polyurethane foamed insulating pipe runs more turbulently than the traditional insulating pipe, which can obviously reduce the power cost. And it has a strong ability of waterproof and anti-corrosion. High impact resistance, can be indirectly buried on the world's frozen soil, and ensure that the insulation pipe will not crack. Polyurethane insulating pipe is the current * insulation data, its service life is very long. It has been certified by many experiments that the thermal resistance, thermal conductivity and environmental protection of polyurethane insulating pipes have reached the current international * specifications. It is a high-functional product with real thermal insulation and corrosion resistance. Polyurethane insulating pipe has excellent functions that other insulating products can not compare, and plays an important role in the urban thermal pipeline industry. The characteristics of our direct buried insulation pipe products are as follows:
1. Using steel pipe as outer maintenance layer, it has high strength. It is not easy to be damaged and can accept larger upper load. In order to reach short life, it is necessary to stop anti-corrosion treatment of steel casing.
2. The design of rolling support structure is reasonable, the rolling friction is small, the force of fixed support is reduced, the mechanics analysis principle is complex, and the fluctuation and safety of pipeline are greatly improved. The field joint insulation of prefabricated directly buried insulating pipes should be stopped before the qualified pressure test, and the field joint insulation construction should be carried out. This content is that the construction quality of prefabricated directly buried insulation pipeline has indirect influence on its service life. Thermal insulation layer has two methods: field foaming construction and thermal insulation tile construction. No matter which method is adopted, it can not present annular space, cracking, delamination and other defects. There are many methods of maintenance layer (such as high density polyethylene and fiberglass reinforced plastic maintenance layer), but it is necessary to ensure the integrity, tightness and waterproofing of joints. Polyurethane insulation pipes start slowly. This phenomenon usually appears in autumn and summer or night construction, due to the sudden drop in temperature or low temperature. The environmental temperature and black material temperature can be reduced. Usually, the temperature of black material is raised to 30-60 C, and the ambient temperature is raised to 20-30 C.
The waterproofing function of steel-jacketed insulating steel pipe in chemical pipeline is better than that of steel-jacketed insulating steel pipe. Underground pipelines in cities are very complex, especially sewer pipelines. Leakage is a rare phenomenon, and rainwater settlement. The important point of directly buried steam pipelines is to facilitate the disposal of waterproof and anti-corrosion of the outer layer. The outer layer of plastic-coated steel composite insulation pipe is plastic casing, which handles this achievement well. Double wire automatic welding of straight seam steel pipe is an advanced welding technology developed in recent years. It not only has the characteristics of semi-automatic single wire welding, but also has the primary welding characteristics of energy concentration and depositing efficiency.
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