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Polyurethane direct buried insulating pipes are suitable for insulating and cooling engineering of various media in the range of - 50 ~150 ~C. It is widely used in urban central heating, heating room, cold storage, coal mine, petroleum port, chemical industry and other industries.
Three-layer structure of polyurethane direct-buried insulating pipe from inside to outside
一层:聚氨酯发泡保温钢管工作钢管层 依据设计和客户的请求普通选用无缝管(GB8163-87)螺旋焊管(GB9711-88;SY/T5038-92)和直缝焊管(GB3092-93)。钢管外表经过先进的抛丸除锈工艺处置后,钢管除锈等级可达GB8923-1988规范中的Sa2级,外表粗糙度可达GB6060.5-88规范中R=12.5微米。
First layer: According to the design and customer's request, the polyurethane foamed insulating steel pipe working steel pipe layer generally chooses seamless pipe (GB8163-87), spiral welded pipe (GB9711-88; SY/T5038-92) and straight welded pipe (GB3092-93). After treatment by advanced shot peening rust removal process, the steel tube rust removal grade can reach Sa2 level in GB8923-1988 specification, and the surface roughness can reach R=12.5 micron in GB6060.5-88 specification.
第二层:聚氨酯发泡保温钢管聚氨酯保温层   用高压发泡机在钢管于外护层之间构成的空腔中一次性注入硬质聚氨酯泡沫塑料原液而成。即俗称的“管中管发泡工艺”。其作用一是防水,二是保温,三是支撑热网自重。当保送介质温度为:-50℃—120℃时,选用硬质聚氨基脲酸酯泡沫塑料做保温层。
Layer 2: Polyurethane foamed insulating steel pipe polyurethane insulating layer is made by one-time injection of rigid polyurethane foam plastics into the cavity formed between the steel pipe and the outer protective layer by high-pressure foaming machine. That is commonly known as "tube-in-tube foaming process". Its function is waterproof, heat preservation and self-weight support of heat network. The rigid polyurethane foam is chosen as insulation layer when the temperature of delivery medium is -50 ~120 ~C.
第三层:聚氨酯发泡保温钢管高密度聚乙烯维护层   预制成一定壁厚的黑色(黄色)塑料管材,其作用一是维护聚氨酯保温层免遭机械硬物毁坏,
The third layer: polyurethane foamed insulating steel pipe high density polyethylene maintenance layer is prefabricated into a certain thickness of black (yellow) plastic pipe, its role is to maintain polyurethane insulation layer from mechanical hard damage.
The second is anti-corrosion and waterproof.
Polyurethane foam insulation pipe polyurethane foam can stop adhesion with all kinds of data. Therefore, as the insulation layer of directly buried pipe, there is no need to think about the problem of adhesion between anticorrosive coating. The compliance temperature of polyurethane insulation layer is + 120 C - 196 C, and can reach + 190 C in a short time (more than ten hours). If the user needs a long-term temperature of 190 degrees, we can use high-temperature materials to shape according to the user's needs.
保温管普遍用于液体、气体的保送管网, 化工管道保温工程石油、化工、集中供热热网、中央空调通风管道、市政工程等。高温预制直埋保温管是一种保温性能好,加平安牢靠,工程造价低的直埋预制保温管。有效的处理了城镇集中供热中130℃-600℃高温输热用预制直埋保温管的保温、滑动光滑和暴露管端的防水问题。高温预制直埋保温管不只具有传统地沟和架空敷设管道难以比较的先进技术、适用性能,而且还具有显著的社会效益和经济效益,也是供热节能的有力措施。高温预制直埋保温管采用直埋供热管道技术,标志着中国供热管道技术开展曾经进入了新的起点
Insulation pipes are widely used in liquid and gas pipeline network, chemical pipeline thermal insulation engineering petroleum, chemical industry, central heating network, central air conditioning ventilation pipeline, municipal engineering, etc. The high temperature prefabricated direct-buried insulating pipe is a kind of direct-buried prefabricated insulating pipe with good thermal insulation performance, safety and reliability, and low cost. The problems of heat preservation, smooth sliding and waterproofing of exposed pipe ends of prefabricated directly buried insulating pipes for heat transfer at 130-600 (?) C in urban central heating are effectively solved. High temperature prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe not only has advanced technology and applicability which is difficult to compare with traditional trench and overhead pipeline laying, but also has remarkable social and economic benefits. It is also a powerful measure of heating energy saving. High temperature prefabricated directly buried insulating pipes adopt directly buried heating pipe technology, which indicates that the development of heating pipe technology in China has entered a new starting point.
The insulating pipe is composed of steel pipe, FRP inner sheath and FRP outer shell. It is characterized by high temperature insulating layer, smooth layer and elastic seals. The new type of heat preservation pipe can effectively deal with the problems of heat preservation, smooth sliding and waterproofing of exposed pipe ends of prefabricated directly buried heat preservation pipes used for heat transmission at 130-600 C in urban central heating.
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