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Installation Requirements for Polyurethane Thermal Insulation Pipe
Polyurethane insulating steel pipes because of its large volume and heavy weight, in the installation must abide by the operating standards, we said above about the polyurethane insulating steel pipes device.
1. When the bearing capacity of the lower floor of the outer ditch is less than 60KPa, plain concrete layer should be added to the bottom of the ditch.
2. The soil layer at the bottom of C15 plain concrete layer should be compacted before pouring concrete. The surface of the concrete layer should be smooth and lubricated. When the bottom soil is collapsible, it should be replaced (about 1.0 m deep) and compacted.
3、地沟内接头处的地沟宽度和深度应比非接头处添加250~300mm 。
3. The width and depth of the ditch at the joint of the ditch should be 250-300 mm more than that at the non-joint.
4. The position of the corrugated compensator, and the soil elevation at the bottom of the corrugated compensator should be determined according to the actual arrival size of the compensator.
5. The slope along the pipeline at the bottom of the ditch should be different from that of the pipeline.
6. Fine sand is used around 100 mm of buried pipeline. The diameter of sand should be no more than 8 mm. Clay, brick, stone, iron and other impurities should not be mixed in the sand layer.
7. When the pipeline is located in the corrosive soil such as slag and sundries, the backfill should be replaced by the less corrosive soil and compacted layer by layer.
8. Grooves must be drained well. Drainage ditches can be used and water pumps can be used to clean the catchment pools.
The installation of polyurethane insulating steel pipe must be stopped after the ditch excavation and the disposal of the soil layer at the bottom of the ditch are qualified. Pay attention to the following requirements when installing the device.
1. Before the pipeline goes down the ditch, it is necessary to stop carefully introspecting the anticorrosive coatings on its exterior. If it is found that the anticorrosive coatings are damaged, it should stop disposing of them in time.
2. Pipeline design axis and slope should be guaranteed when docking.
3. Prefabricated insulating pipes can be hoisted into ditches by a single device, or two or more tissues can be hoisted after welding. When the welded pipe section is long, two or more cranes should be used to lift the lower pipe, and the position of the hanging points should be selected according to the equilibrium conditions. It is strictly forbidden to push pipelines indirectly into ditches.
4. After the welding of task steel pipe is completed and passed the inspection, the task of joint insulation and outer casing connection can be handled. The polyurethane foaming can be stopped by erecting the die first, and then all the joints can be sealed locally with the heat shrinkage belt. Both ends and straight pipes can be overlapped by 100mm. The outer casing can also be handled by butt welding first, and after sealing and introspection, it can be qualified before opening and foaming.
5. When the project is completed on that day, the pipe end shall be sealed with blind board to prevent mud and water from entering the pipe.
6. Prefabricated insulating pipes have three ways: cooling device, thermal prestressing device and disposable compensator device.
7. The cooling device is to connect the segments indirectly and fill them back according to the specifications after passing the inspection.
8. The thermal prestressing device is to weld the pipeline when it is preheated to 60% of the task temperature, and then fill and compact it.
9. The disposable compensator must be welded when the pipeline is heated to 60% of the task temperature, and then stop backfilling and tamping.
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